Our bits and atoms in 2019

IS 2019 GOING TO S*#K?



Coming from an engineering background and having spent little time doing qualitative research and considering the socio-political implications of research and design and the past, I was thrown into the deep end when confronted with HCI research in the Digital Civics (DC) context.

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The Big (Brother) Data

‘We live in a data driven society’, ‘We live in the age of information‘ these are phrases one often comes across when we have discussions about technology and social issues, but what do they really mean and what are the implications of these statements?


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We all have, in one case or another, been asked to solve one of these annoying, distorted text CAPTCHA puzzles to prove we are not an elephant (or robots in this case). As first conceived by Luis von Ahn, Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart (a.k.a.

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Why we play games the way we do?

When asked about HCI, I often wonder what would best explain the field to an outsider. I find myself turning to games quiet often to exemplify the interactivity that a piece of software can have. As a gamer myself I thought I would use games again to delve into an important aspect of interactivity and interfacing;

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