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Andy Dow

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Andy Dow

Andrew Dow was a post-doc in the Inclusive Design for Innovation team. He completed his PhD with Open Lab as part of the Digital Civics CDT.

His PhD focused on the design, implementation and in-the-wild evaluation of digital systems that capture the voice, opinions and experiences of people who use care support services, providing data to inject into public service innovation. This has led to the creation of ThoughtCloud a lightweight cross-platform, digital feedback capture system.

ThoughtCloud was co-designed with community partners and is still used to capture the voices of those that are often less used to being consulted about the design and delivery of services that are important to them.

Thesis title

Designing Digital Feedback Technologies: Exploring New Forms of Citizen Engagement in Public Services

After the PhD

Became Assistant Professor of HCI in the CIS department of Northumbria University


  • Nexus
  • NHS
  • Newcastle City Council
  • Skills for People
  • Children North East and Youth Focus North East
  • Northumbria Healthcare Trust


BBC R&D in Salford, exploring Audience Feedback and input into digital innovation and production on the BBC’s Taster platform

The Digital Civics CDT is made possible by EPSRC funding under the project code EP/L016176/1