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Arlind Reuter

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Arlind Reuter

My participatory action research explores digital citizenship in later life across the fields of Human-Computer Interaction and Gerontology. I am interested in how older adults participate digitally and make use of digital technologies and media to be civically active. As an outcome of my PhD in Digital Civics at Open Lab, I co-founded the award-winning Later Life Audio and Radio Co-operative (LLARC), a growing international network of older radio show hosts and age-inclusive radio stations aiming to promote older people's voices in broadcasting.

Thesis Title

Digital citizenship in later life: insights from participatory action research with older content creators

After the PHD

Postdoctoral researcher at Lund University Sweden, expanding my research in Digital Civics, HCI & ageing.


  • Newcastle University Engagement and Place award
  • Telling Tales of Engagement – EPSRC


  • Elders Council of Newcastle upon Tyne
  • Older Voices


Supporting Community Radio Production for Civic Participation in Later Life

The Digital Civics CDT is made possible by EPSRC funding under the project code EP/L016176/1