A fresher's thoughts on Digital Civics

In this blogpost I will attempt to shortly present Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) as a research field, Digital Civics (DC) as a promising branch of HCI research and present my very personal fresher’s-like thoughts and reflections on the DC agenda, the values and the methods that DC embrace.


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Press Control + F. Type “Tangible computing”. Click on search.

Computer-based activities have been changing the way we act, communicate, acquire information, drive, love, share thoughts, like things, engage with politics, play, consume, exercise, take revenge, build personas etc.

According to Paul Dourish [1] the majority of the computers we as humans, spend a lot of time with,

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Censorship-ing voluntarily   

You just got accepted in a MRes in Digital Civics. Friends congratulate you as your mum does; except she adds “ shouldn’t you change this facebook profile photo of yourself? Digital Civics sounds related to computers and stuff…and people there…and shouldn’t you stop posting those skateboarding videos? …this friend of you…always in your photos…people might think is your boyfriend or something…’’

Wang et al.

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Sal needs a hammer

Weiser envisioned a Ubicomp world in which technology is an extension of humans; not a set of tools but an indistinguishable part of human life [1]. In this paradigm technology fades; not physically (brands should be visible) but functionally .

We might not be yet at this point that all things are sensored and  interconnected but we are part of an experiential landscape loaded with data meant to improve the way we experience life.

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