How video game design embraces the ambiguous

From a young age, uncertainty is a state of being the human mind wants to avoid.

In 1972, Jerome Kagan proposed that one of the leading factors in human nature was the need to resolve these uncertainties. When we couldn’t immediately satisfy this desire for understanding, we became motivated to reach a solution.

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Coffee and the Future of Ubicomp

Ubiquitous computing, or the idea of computing technologies pervading our everyday lives, was only a dream in 1988 when Mark Weiser coined the term in his paper ‘Computing for the 21st Century’. Within the paper he painted a picture of a scene that could only come from science fiction,

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Why 'Practice' doesn't always make perfect

In the paper “The turn to Practice in HCI” Kuuti et al. describe the need to create an organised foundation within the field of HCI which would ensure academic cohesion amongst its varied disciplines. The two models proposed are the ‘Interaction Paradigm’ with a focus on short-term, direct human to computer interactions and the ‘Practice Paradigm’ which assesses the influence of long-term factors and contexts within which the interaction takes place.

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