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Daniel Welsh

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Daniel Welsh

My PhD thesis centred on supporting mental wellbeing in later life, through the presentation and use of media. This was achieved through creating technologies using a sensitive experience-centred design approach. To realise this, I created and deployed technologies such as: 3D printed devices, web applications, and mobile applications. I developed a strong skillset in development, research, design, independent learning, and project management. As part of my PhD I have worked with care homes in the UK and Ireland, became a member of the steering group of a local dementia charity, consulted with the Red Cross on their interaction design processes, collaborated across disciplines and institutions, and presented and published at prestigious conferences.

During my MRes, I developed a mobile application called Ticket to Talk. I learnt to work closely with families and people with dementia in a user-centred design process, as well as care homes, and local charities to evaluate and improve the technology. ESRC and Newcastle University ran a full press release on the project, as well the UK’s Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy including the app in their latest industrial campaign. I developed skills in developing ubiquitous technologies, peer programming, and mobile development.

After the PhD

Software Engineering Consultant at 13|37 in Stockholm, and now I work as a Software Engineer at Doctolib in Berlin.


  • Jesmond Dementia Action Alliance


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