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Vasileios Ntouros

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Vasileios Ntouros

My research centers around the so called ‘sharing economy’, an ‘access over ownership’ resource-management economy mediated by digital technologies. In response to the critics shaped against the big and for-profit sharing economy my research focuses on non market-driven collaborative and community economy projects and the ways such projects’ members use and appropriate different forms of technologies, off-the-shelf existing ones and ad hoc.

For my first case-study, I engaged with a community of which members have been appropriating Facebook to develop an impromptu and not-profit-driven ride-sharing scheme in Greece.

For my second case-study, adopting a participatory action research approach, I participated in a self-organised and diverse community of people who develop and manage an open-source platform called 'Karrot'; used by various initiatives around the globe. Karrot was initially developed to support foodsaving/sharing practices and is currently redeveloped to support other communities accordingly.

As an intern, during the summer of 2022 I joined L200, a not-for-profit, community-run space located in Zurich, which operates as a hybrid and modular physical platform that is used by various communities active in the locale.

In the recent years I ‘ve participated in community-driven projects for longer or shorter periods. Examples include an urban garden in Berlin, ‘Prinzessinnengarten’., a community garden in Athens taking its baby steps which was created during a project that brought together dance/movement and permaculture and Tzoumakers a community-run rural makerspace.

Since the beginning of Covid, with the support of a few friends I started the renovation of an old rural house located in N.W. Greece. There I ‘ve hosted and worked together with various researchers and artists in small projects.

I am a keen yet very amateur skater.


‘Walks and Talks in Katsanoxoria/Tzoumerka

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