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Rosanna Bellini

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Rosanna Bellini

My research interests lie in understanding how and why online and offline adversaries use digital technologies to abuse groups who face heightened risks of harm to their digital safety.

In my exploration of online communities and large data sets, I try to identify escalation-based behaviors through working with people who use abusive behavior (‘abusers’); exploring harmful online communities; and detecting historic patterns of abuse in large qualitative data-sets. In examining predictors for high-risk behaviors, I have been interested in offering best practices on how we might perform risk detection sensitively and ethically in the computer science and security fields.

My domain of interest for these questions are in-person interventions for abusive behaviors, adversarial communities online, specialist services for intimate partner violence, and financial abuse.

Thesis Title

Mechanisms of moral responsibilities: designing and deploying digital technologies for perpetrators of domestic violence

After the PhD

I am a Postdoctoral Scholar in Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Security at Cornell University. Alongside my research into interpersonal harm and technology, I help to lead the Clinic to End Tech Abuse as the Director of Research. You can find me at the Cornell Tech campus in New York City.


  • Barnardo's
  • Respect
  • Splitz
  • Changing Lives


2017. International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) in Berkeley, CA with Dr. Jan Smeddinck

2019. Information Science, Cornell Tech with Prof. Nicola Dell and Thomas Ristenpart


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