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Nikolai Sorenson

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Nikolai Sorenson

Political participation and public involvement in political decision making are my main interests and over the years I have developed a great interest in the interplay between digital technologies and democracy. I have a background in political science from University of Copenhagen and during the past couple of years I have done a master in digital communication at the IT University of Copenhagen. My latest project was my Master’s thesis where I conducted a survey among 600 free and open source software developers, to see if contribution to free and open source software is comparable to different kinds of political participation.

Generally I’m interested in the potential of new media to improve the collaboration between government authorities and the public. This I believe is of great importance, not only for the sake of democracy, but for efficient decision making as well. Better involvement of citizens will make it easier to reach the right decisions and digital technologies allows this in ways that has previously been out of reach.

Thesis title

Revitalising Intra-Party Democracy through Digital Democratic Innovations: The case of Danish Political Party Alternativet

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