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Jay Rainey

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Jay Rainey

Jay Rainey was a post-doc on the IDEA-FAST project working at the intersections of digital health, technology, and participatory research.

His research explores the design of digital tools to make qualitative research practices more participatory, inclusive, and accessible for everyone.

This action-oriented approach informed the iterative design of Gabber, a digital platform that: (i) structure audio conversation capture through a mobile device; (ii) support collaborative coding on the original audio; and (iii) the production of audio playlists to represent insights from across conversations.

Gabber has been used across a range of local, national, and international organizations to enhance their existing qualitative practices.

Thesis Title

Designing Digital Qualitative Research Workflows: Enabling Stakeholder Participation Across All Research Stages


  • NHS
  • Disability North
  • IFRC
  • Barnardos


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