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Irina Pavlovskaya

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Irina Pavlovskaya

My main research stands at the intersection of Human Computer Interaction, Learning Science and the area of Children’s Nutrition. I am interested in understanding the processes that can meaningfully support the incorporation of healthy food practices into children’s daily lives and, particularly, in the design and application of technologies to scaffold these processes.

My current work focuses on ‘engaging the unengaged’ in an exchange of knowledge and skills that can foster children’s healthy food practices without people feeling patronised, criticised or stigmatised. My research involves schools, children, their families and other external organisations that have direct or indirect impact on children’s nutrition. I aim to follow a participatory approach in my work and develop and implement technology in the wild, acknowledging the importance of designing change with people rather than changing people to accommodate new system designs.

The Digital Civics CDT is made possible by EPSRC funding under the project code EP/L016176/1