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Adam Parnaby

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Adam Parnaby

I am a postgraduate researcher, designer, and maker. My research explores how HCI can support communities in addressing digital exclusion, with a particular focus on supporting community actors in collecting, making sense of, and presenting data to argue for systemic changes that would support their work.

My other research interests include the experiences of marginalised people with regard to digital services, particularly government services.

Before joining Open Lab, I spent several years designing live games and escape rooms. I have designed and built a variety of technologies including automated radiation monitors, digital noticeboards, interactive puzzles and teambuilding games, and a password-protected rotary phone.

I take the view that everyone is an expert on their own lived experience. As a result, my research is typically participatory in nature, and I seek to work closely with communities in order to center the voices of people impacted by the design process and its outputs.


  • Meadow Well Connected
  • NTCA


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