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Aare Puussaar

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Aare Puussaar

I am an information engineer and an interaction designer with a background in using data science and digital technology to transform future cities. I have degrees both in computer engineering and computing science and have over a decade of experience in developing and delivering high-quality data-driven software in GIS, spatial big data, location based services and remote environmental sensing.

My PhD research focused on community-data interaction and citizen engagement in the smart city. I designed, developed and deployed multiple digital systems for citizens and communities to access, make sense of and use data for civic participation and action.

Thesis title

Democratising Data Science - Effective Use of Data By Communities for Civic Participation, Advocacy and Action

After the PhD

After finishing my Phd I worked as a research software engineer at the Urban Observatory for a year. Following that I took a position as an Innovation Fellow in Civic Technology at Northumbria University as part of the UKRI funded Centre for Digital Citizens.

In spring 2022 I decided to leave academia to explore new opportunities to work on interesting data problems as an independent data consultant. I work as an information engineer and technical architect providing technical consultation and solutions on data-driven systems and architectures for different companies.


  • Newcastle City Council
  • Cedarwood Trust
  • Meadow Well Connected
  • Newcastle United Foundation
  • Seven Stories
  • Internship

Visiting Researcher at International Computer Science Institute (ICSI), University of Berkeley, USA


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