Coursework 1: Reflective Report 

This coursework will comprise 30% of your final mark for this module


The purpose of this assessment is to provide ongoing reflection on the topics covered in the module. You will produce 4 reflective reports on the material covered on the course. Each report should be around 500 words (max. word count for this assignment is 2000 words).


Each report you produce should relate to different material covered across the first half of the module. You should produce a report on the following areas:

Each week you will be assigned a task to complete before the session the following week. This task should be your starting point for writing your reflection. You should provide details of how you completed the task, provide in your report material (or a segment of material) which you were required to produce, before writing a short reflective piece around that week’s topic.

Your reflective pieces should not be simply a description of what you’ve done, rather it should give an account of how you related to the week’s material, demonstrating that you’ve critically engaged with the week’s topic. You should use essential/further reading to assist you in this.

We will provide precise details of what is expected for each report when setting the task for each week.

What we will be looking for

  • Evidence that you have completed the week’s task to a good standard
  • A good understanding of key concepts and issues covered in the session
  • A good understanding of any key reading set for the week’s session
  • Critical engagement with the topic
  • Evidence of further reading and engagement

DUE DATE: 15 November 2017

Coursework 2: Qualitative Report

This coursework will comprise 70% of your final mark for this module


This assessment will assess your ability to conduct a qualitative research study. The study will require students to exercise skill in conducting interviews, transcription, thematic analysis, and report writing. It will require students to be able to construct an interview schedule, to appropriately conduct and record interviews using best practice guidelines, ensure appropriate participant consent is received, and assess skills in qualitative analysis.


Mobile phones are now an integral part of the everyday lives for many people. They are intertwined with our work and social lives, our personal and public identities, and are increasingly understood as a data and service platform that has reached unparalleled ubiquity across the globe. This assignment will seek to understand people’s experiences with mobile phones.

To assist you with this assignment, we have provided 6 interview transcripts that you may use as data for the assignment.

In addition to this, you are expected to complete a series of tasks, which will be set in the sessions:

  • Prepare an interview schedule around mobile phone use
  • Conduct, audio record, and transcribe at least one, 20 minute, face-to-face interview about experiences of mobile phones
  • Conduct a thematic analysis of at least three transcripts (in the Owncloud folder) using the method described by Braun and Clarke (2006). These can be:
    • Any of the transcripts in the short form transcripts folder on Owncloud (this is data which we didn’t look at in the session – as some of you mentioned you’d prefer ‘new’ data to look at)
    • Any of the complete transcripts on Owncloud, if you’d prefer more data
    • Any interviews you transcribe yourself. As you are required to conduct, record and transcribe one interview, it may make sense for you to analyse this transcript for the assignment. However, there may be reasons you can’t/don’t want to do this (you may not be happy with this data, it may not ‘fit’ with the other data, time restraints etc)
  • Write up a report (2500 max) on your findings
    • You must include your interview schedule, audio files, and transcription as separate appendices to your report. You must also include evidence of your coding (max 2 pages) and the development of your themes (minimum 1 page). These will not be included in the word count. References are also not included in the word count.

Report contents:

Your report should contain the following sections:

  • Introduction – this should provide an overview of the topic and some related academic research on mobile phones, mediated communication and related themes
  • Method – this section should describe the participants, data collection method, data analysis method, and any additional materials you used
  • Findings – this section should provide an overview of your findings and detailed descriptions of the themes you have identified in your analysis. This section should make up the bulk of your report (i.e. at least 1000 words)
  • Discussion – the discussion should draw out the implications of the findings, particularly in relation to related work and the wider context of the study
  • Conclusion – the conclusion should provide a brief overview of the achievements of the research and potential future work

Additional files:

Your submission should also include the following files:

  • Interview schedule
  • Audio files
  • Transcripts
  • Evidence of coding
  • Evidence of development of themes

What we will be looking for


  • Clear structure.
  • Appropriate use of formatting (headings and subheadings).
  • Appropriate use of source data (e.g. quotes)
  • Good spelling and grammar.
  • Readability and legibility.


  • Clear description of the research study and its motivations in related research
  • Clear description of research methodology, including description of participants.
  • Strong development, description and justification of research themes, including evidencing through coding, theme development, and final analysis.
  • Articulation of research findings in relation to existing research

DUE DATE: 12 January, 2018, 4pm

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