Week 11: Engaging with Data

Three more great presentations this week, all hitting at slightly different aspects of the ‘Data Society’, the problems it might entail, and how we might respond.

Mohaan, Irina and Jack discussed the complexity of having more data avaliable to us, and hit on the notion that this might be potentially empowering (if used in the right way).

Colin, Sami, Vasileios and Bobbie conversely focused on the power data gives organisations (with the provocation that it might be fitting to sell our data to corporate organisations).

Finally, Peter, Agata & Adam presented a “so what?” perspective, unpacking the idea that ‘big data’ is nothing new and shouldn’t worry us (although this didn’t necessarily align with the personal viewpoints of everyone in the group!

Next Week’s Session:

Next week is about ‘Turning to the Civic’.

I’ve randomly allocated you to different papers (available in the OneDrive folder) – but feel free to swap papers if you see one you particularly want to read!

Alexandra – Asad and Le Dantec – Illegitimate Civic Participation

Peter – Boehner and DiSalvo – Data, Design and Civics

Sami – Civellaro et al. – Re-Making Places

Colin – SiSalve, Jenkins and Lodato – Designing Speculative Civics

Vasileios – Golsteinjn – Sens-Us

Hattie – Gaver et al. – The Datacatcher

Agata – Le Dantec – Participation and Publics

Irina – Harding et al. – HCI, Civic Engagement & Trust

Bobbie – Johnson et al. Reflections on Deploying Distributed Consultation

Jack – Le Dantec et al. – Planning with Crowdsourced Data

Adam – McMillan et al. – Data and the City

Andrew – Taylor et al. – Leaving the Wild

Mohaan – Voida, Yao and Korn – (Infra)structures of Volunteering

The activity will be a little shorter this week so we have a chance to talk about the assessment – so have a think about what you’ve written for your blogposts so far, the common themes that are most pertinent to you, and how this might feed into your final (assessed) blogpost & presentation.

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