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Introduction to Digital Civics

Digital Civics is an emerging field of research that draws on a number of disciplinary perspectives including the social and political sciences, design, and computing- especially human-centred computing. This module will provide an introduction to digital civics by exploring some key topics from these various perspectives. Topics include the relationship between citizens and the state,

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Research Methods for Digital Civics

It goes without saying that conducting research is focal to being an MRes / PhD student, but what does it actually mean to conduct ‘academic’ research? What are the principles that guide research methods and methodologies?  What are we seeking to achieve in conducting research in Digital Civics?

This module will give you an introduction to the core practical and theoretical foundations to different approaches of carrying out research on,

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HCI for Digital Civics 2017

Central to the Digital Civics agenda is a human-centred approach to designing digital services and technologies. This approach is exemplified by the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). HCI has developed over the last 30 years into a large research community studying how digital systems are designed to be usable, acceptable and provide a positive sense of engagement (for all citizens) – something that will be central to the success of digital civics projects.

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