Bootlegger: find your community film crew

Bootlegger bridges the gap between professional filmmakers and people with no prior filming experience wishing to record video on their mobile phone. Improvements to camera technology have made mobile phones a viable tool for filming, but Bootlegger makes larger and more complex projects much more accessible for citizen filmmakers.

Crucially, Bootlegger coordinates different people contributing to a single project, with all of their footage uploaded to an editable archive. This makes it easy to capture multiple views of a place or topic, different stages of an event, or synchronised shots from people distributed around the world. The crew for each project can be recruited through the Bootlegger app and contribute to the design of the film shoot. The app also guides the crew members through the filming process itself, providing templates for close-ups, wide shots and many other scenarios. The shoot can even be planned beforehand, with different roles allocated and different templates set up, and Bootlegger provides tools for editing the video afterwards as well.

Bootlegger has been used in multiple digital civics research areas, ranging from education to neighbourhood planning and consultation projects. It fits within the broader digital civics theme of using technology to connect people with common needs and interests to work together on joint projects.

For more information please contact Tom Bartindale.