Inflatable: research retold

With Ko-Le Chen, I am exploring different ways of disseminating academic research. Inflatable is a performance we exhibited at the Newbridge Gallery in Newcastle, retelling a piece of my research with young people which explored gender, sexuality and identity through the medium of inflatable dolls.

For more information please contact Matt Wood.

Digital Pride

Pride pebbleSome spray paint, transfer tattoos and tiny computers can make a fun tool to challenge the way we think about sexuality identity. Angelika and Matt, two Digital Civics doctoral researchers, did just this with their Digital Pride project, which they put into action at Newcastle Pride 2016.

The premise? Pride goers hold a 3D-printed ‘pride pebble’, inside of which is a BBC micro:bit, which uses an algorithm to determine what animal they are: either a monkey, rabbit, frog or a tiger. Once you know your animal, you get a digital transfer tattoo that reflects that animal, which also doubles up as a QR code. Scan the QR code and you get to a webpage providing a horoscope for that animal.

Pride tattooWhy? Sexuality is one way of categorising people. Matt and Angelika were interested in exploring different ways of categorising people – in this case, determined by an algorithm in a rainbow pebble and embodied by a scannable tattoo on your skin.

(Also, it was a lot of fun)

For more information please contact Matt Wood.