Ed Jenkins

Ed Jenkins


As a research software developer I am responsible for the continued support and development of several projects at Open Lab. I work with modern web technologies to build large scalable platforms to support research in a range of areas. I also have experience designing and developing for iOS in a range of genres including social networks, games and map-based apps.

App Movement aims to bridge connections between local communities and rich information resources. It enables anyone to propose an idea for an application, gather support, collaboratively design and automatically generate native mobile applications that empower their community to share rich information. App Movement uses a templating system with its primary template offering a way to rate and review geo-located points of interest.

Event Movement is a more recent piece of work which takes the fundamental concept of App Movement and extends it to offer a much more flexible and engaging design process. Event Movement facilitates interactions between users to coordinate a collaborative design process. By decoupling the concept of commissioning from apps, Event Movement has allowed us to explore the implications of collaborative online design sessions targeted at creating real-world events.

I am keen to continue work in this area, shifting my focus towards designing new ways to improve engagement between users on large scale social platforms to enrich the experience for users and improve the outcomes, whether they are mobile apps, learning resources
or real-world events.

Besides work I enjoy music, sport and travelling.