Dan Richardson

Dan Richardson


I graduated in 2014 at Newcastle University, with a MComp in Games Engineering. My dissertations focused on promoting staircase use through gamification and presenting the impact of ageing populations through interactive media.

After a brief flirt with the video games industry (she never called me back), I started working at Open Lab as a Research Associate in December 2014. I have been involved in the development of software applications for multiple projects, including Speeching (a speech and language therapy mobile application which uses crowd workers to provide feedback), Angelika’s VoiceBoard (a Raspberry Pi-powered peer support platform for people experiencing homelessness) and MySkinSelfie—a cross-platform mobile application used to track the progress of the user’s skin conditions over time.

My current research interests in the MRes are focused on developing new apps and services to aid in fun educational activities in local parks.

When not debugging my code you can probably find me at a Star Wars convention, a cinema, a park, or some bizarro-world combination of them all.