That which we call a user, by any other word would smell as sour

(With apologies to Shakespeare, W. Romeo and Juliet. 1595. London)


I am intrigued as to whether the classification of the world’s 7 billion individuals as “users” has hindered the success of both HCI (Human Computer Interaction) and the Public Health aspects of Digital Civics. Not that the actual word “users” concerns me,

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It's not too late

The wrong path?

Digital user interfaces began with a keyboard and a character-based screen. There were no virtual objects presented, at best a question appeared on the screen and you typed in data.  Technology advanced to the GUI (Graphical User Interface) with a mouse to complement the keyboard –

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There are no computers, anywhere

No computers?

When we interact with these technology filled boxes, I see that we are using the box as a proxy for the host of people that brought it into being.  We use this proxy to attempt to understand & respond to the designers’ asking us to choose between which button to click,

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Where’s the Human in Human Computer Interaction?

If HCI is concerned about people interacting with technology, about narrowing that gap [1], then why do we witness it failing so often?  I define ’failing’ in this context as where our interfaces do not provide a conduit for us to exploit the technology,

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