Reflecting on group learning

Group Spinner is a digital visual tool intended to help teachers observe and reflect on children’s collaborative technology-enhanced learning activities in the classroom.

Based on a radar chart and a set of indicators, Group Spinner allows teachers to record in-class observations as to different aspects of group learning and learning behaviors, beyond the limited knowledge acquisition measures.

Depending on teachers’ level of experience and pedagogy, they considered Group Spinner to be a valuable tool to support:

  • Awareness: what are the other important factor beyond subject-knowledge learning outcome to look at (e.g. collaboration skills, using technology, motivation and engagement),
  • Reflection: the light-weight process of recording the observations using the indicators, transferring them to graphs and the ability to visualise development of students’ behaviour over sessions provides a powerful reflection tool for teachers about both their teaching and students’ development.
  • Communication: the visual presentation is an effective tool to communicate positive or negative changes in learning and learning behaviours to the students.
  • Planning: the ability to visualise changes in learning and learning behaviours across a number of sessions and for different student groups helps teachers in identifying students’ strengths and weaknesses and to plan future sessions accordingly.

The current axes and set of indicators (rubric) for Group Spinner fits well with self-organized learning environment approach. However, it is still applicable to more general setting and even to settings where no technology is used. The next iteration of Group Spinner will allow users to customise, or create from scratch, their own set of axes and indicators (templates) to meet more general usage scenarios even beyond education such as health and sport.

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Author: Ahmed Kharrufa

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