Daniel Lambton-Howard

Daniel Lambton-Howard


My research interests lie in exploring how civic engagement can be enhanced through the creation of games.

Questions I am investigating include:

  • How can civic engagement games be used to make engagement processes deeper, broader and more reflective in nature for both participants and stakeholders in that process?
  • What aspects of game design, game elements and game mechanics support, enable and enhance the potential of engagement games within a civic context and why?
  • How can digital technology, smart phones and social media be leveraged to create new types of civic engagement game and new gameful relationships between citizens and civic institutions?

Additionally, I am motivated to develop ways in which collaborative community learning can be supported through the development and novel application of technologies.

Outside of Open Lab I am also an analogue game designer who you can follow at @danhowardgames and https://danhowardgames.wordpress.com/