Research Methods for Digital Civics 2017

This is the archived page for the 2017 course on Research Methods for Digital Civics.

It goes without saying that conducting research is focal to being an MRes / PhD student, but what does it actually mean to conduct ‘academic’ research? What are the principles that guide research methods and methodologies?  What are we seeking to achieve in conducting research in Digital Civics?

This module will give you an introduction to the core practical and theoretical foundations to different approaches of carrying out research on, and with, people. Central to this are quantitative and qualitative approaches, and the different assumptions that guide these (conflicting) paradigms. You will get an introduction to these methodologies, as well as some of the practical foundations for research methods, such as statistical analysis, qualitative data analysis, and methods and techniques in data collection. You will also get an introduction to principles in research methods such as research ethics.

Research methods is an enormous subject, with entire textbooks, courses and even degree programmes dedicated to individual aspects of the topic. Being a researcher is also an ongoing process, one never becomes a fully developed researcher, rather, it is a journey that you will go on throughout the course of your MRes, PhD, and beyond. The intention of this module is to encourage you to think about yourself as a researcher, introduce you to core principles, and to whet your appetite for where your research journey might take you.

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