Timur Osadchiy

Timur Osadchiy


My research interest is around making the Internet of Things (IoT) seamless and user friendly for people with no technical background.

The Internet of Things is widely considered as the next digital revolution, enabling significant improvement of public services by turning them into smart environments augmented with a wide range of sensors collecting various types of data. However, the technical skills required to use those environments, and concerns about privacy and trust, are major barriers to the wide adoption of the IoT.

I am currently working on the implementation of an opportunistic communication and spontaneous authentication protocol for the IoT. The protocol reduces the need of users to participate in the integration of a device into a smart environment, thus making IoT environments user friendly and seamless for people with no technical background.

The project aims to accelerate the development of technology–enabled environments and consequently to the evolution of the IoT itself. To inform my research I am using my background in information security, web development and user experience design.