Pete Wright

Pete Wright

I am the director of Open Lab.

My background is in applied psychology, and I am particularly interested in how people interact with digital technologies and how digital technology can be used to help individuals and communities to live and work together. This involves not only studying how people use existing digital technologies to achieve things that matter to them, but also how designers, developers, and engineers can work with individuals, communities, and organisations to build systems that better meet their needs and give them a stronger voice in the design of the systems that affect their lives.

Over the years I have had a range of research projects spanning health, education, culture, community and civic participation. My main areas of my research are:

  • Theory and methods for human-centred design
  • Participatory design and social innovation
  • Participatory media and civic engagement

When I am not at work I am most likely to be found mountain walking, rock climbing, or motorbike riding.