Taghreed Alshehri

Taghreed Alshehri


I have a background in Management Information System (MIS), which is similar to HCI in the way it is taking a middle ground between social studies and technology. I’ve found the difference is that while MIS is organisation oriented, HCI is more community oriented. As such, I made this little shift from MIS to HCI due to my interests in human rights and activism.

In my PhD project, I am looking at value sensitive approaches to design (i.e. Value Sensitive Design) and their adaptation in the context of Saudi Arabia, but particularly digital activism in Saudi Arabia. My project focuses on, but is not limited to, perceptions of women and the role of digital technology to reshape these perceptions.

I am also interested in incorporating critical analysis and prosocial activism philosophies in my project. In short, as I am working in an interdisciplinary project, my main interests are:

  • Design: value sensitive approaches, critical design
  • Philosophy: prosocial activism
  • Research methods: qualitative studies, Action Research
  • Social studies: feminism and gender studies